Investment Objectives & Investment Style

Investment Objectives

At Coastwise Capital Group, each portfolio is carefully tailored to meet the current and evolving financial objectives of each client. Portfolio objectives include:

Aggressive Growth

The Aggressive Growth portfolio seeks capital appreciation through the purchase of faster growing companies. Aggressive Growth aims for the highest capital gains with a lower emphasis on dividends and/or income. Aggressive Growth is most appropriate for accounts with a longer time horizon and clients comfortable with portfolio volatility inherent in an aggressive growth equity portfolio.


The Growth portfolio seeks capital appreciation as its primary goal through the investment of more established companies. While many securities can satisfy both the Aggressive Growth as well as Growth investment objectives, Growth portfolios tend to hold more mature businesses while Aggressive Growth tends to focus more on emerging companies and markets. The Growth strategy is more commonly used for medium to long term time horizons, as that time frame allows the investor to weather short term market fluctuations.

Growth and Income

The Growth & Income portfolio seeks a combination of capital appreciation and income by investing in companies that have earnings growth as well as dividend payouts, in addition to other income producing securities such as bonds, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and other appropriate income producing securities. This strategy is more conservative than the Growth objective and is best suited for investors with a shorter to medium term time horizon who also seek current income generation.


The Income portfolio is a more conservative strategy which seeks to generate income primarily through the investment in income producing securities such as bonds and REITS, and secondarily through the purchase of high yielding dividend paying stocks, MLPs and other securities which seek both growth and income. The Income investment strategy is most commonly used by those with a shorter time horizon who seek more near-term income generation rather than capital appreciation.

All portfolios may have both direct (through the purchase of foreign shares traded on major US exchanges) and indirect (through the purchase of US based companies with operations overseas) international exposure as deemed appropriate by the Financial Advisor.

Investment Style

  • Long term value investors
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Open to short term opportunities
  • Emotionless discipline
  • Best of breed securities
  • Take profits where appropriate
  • Direct and transparent communications
  • Emphasis on client education

The above represent some of the investment styles Coastwise uses to build customized client portfolios. For additional valuable investment information, or to get a free portfolio review, please fill out the form below. 

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