Coastwise capital ship

We understand

the importance of aligned interests

and manage client funds accordingly.



Coastwise is a boutique money management firm which has been named the #1 Financial Advisor in La Jolla for three years in a row by the readers of La Jolla Light and the Village News. Coastwise is also a four time winner of the prestigious Five Star Wealth Manager award recognizing the top 2% of all Investment Advisors throughout San Diego. We believe one of the myriad reasons for these accolades includes the fact that each Coastwise client has his or her own fully customized separate account designed to meet unique investment needs and objectives.



Separate Account Benefits


  • Customization – Managed to your specific circumstances

  • Flexibility – Can adapt to changes in the market instantly

  • Security & peace of mind – 3rd party custody, all reporting directly from broker

  • Capital flows – Funds are yours alone, not pooled

  • Transparency – Full access to real-time data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Total control – Establish requirements to fit your needs

  • Tax sensitivity – Ability to optimize your tax situation annually

Account Types

  • Individual

  • Retirement (IRAs, Roth IRAs, etc.)

  • Organizational

  • Trusts

  • 529 Plans



Why Coastwise?


  • Focus – As with people, companies tend to be good at that on which they are focused. At Coastwise, we are laser focused on managing client portfolios. We are not involved in a dozen different business lines that can cause distractions. Simply put, focus tends to lead to excellence.

  • Fully customized portfolios – We offer advice that fits and is unique to you. Unlike most firms that offer only cookie-cutter portfolios, at Coastwise no two accounts are the same. Industry surveys suggest that less than 10% of separately managed accounts in existence are truly customized.

  • Option strategies where appropriate - Very few Investment Advisors have the expertise or take the time to implement option strategies for their clients. At Coastwise, you can get hedge fund-like portfolio sophistication at competitive rates. For more about how Coastwise uses Options, CLICK HERE.

  • Selectivity - As a high end boutique firm, we work with fewer clients and are careful in choosing the right clients for us, again allowing for superior customer service. Our business model is to be the Four Seasons, not a mass scale motel chain.

  • No conflicts of interest/one business line - Large brokerage firms often have multiple product lines which can create inherent conflicts of interest. One of many examples was the discovery that many brokerage firms were recommending stocks for their clients not because of the merits of the security but to win much sought after investment banking business.

  • Fiduciary – This is one of the most important advantages. It means that we must put our clients' interests first, whereas many brokerage firms must only recommend what is 'suitable' for their customers. For example, many brokerage firms have no obligation to tell you that a less expensive version of an investment is available. They are allowed to put you in their own firm's S&P 500 fund even if a lower cost ETF or mutual fund exists.

  • Continuity – It is not unusual for clients at large brokerage firms to have a new Financial Advisor assigned to them every year or two. At independent firms such as Coastwise, turnover tends to be lower and thus we can become and stay familiar with our clients and their needs.

  • Direct access to your advisor - Your Financial Advisor, the one actually monitoring your account on a regular basis, is directly available to you.

  • No proprietary products – Coastwise is not beholden to in-house products that may or may not be in the client's interests. Rather, the entire universe of investment opportunities is open to us and our clients.

  • Private company – Coastwise is not bound to outside shareholders, quarterly profit reports, or Wall Street analysts with a time horizon of months. We are responsible only for our select number of clients. We have the luxury of making decisions based on the long-term interests of our clients, not the short-term whims of shareholders. This reality ensures an aligning of interests between Coastwise and our clients.

  • Rational mindset and emotionless decision making - One of our greatest strengths at Coastwise is our mental makeup. We strive to act in a way all great investors do: with utter rationality. Part-time investors often let emotions, rather than facts, drive their decisions. This flawed approach can lead to costly mistakes. At Coastwise we take a disciplined approach, removing emotions from the equation and focusing on objective information.


  • Our sole compensation is a simple, transparent, easy to understand advisory fee. We receive no sales commissions for any investments selected for your portfolio. There are no surprises, no conflicts of interest, and our objectives are aligned with those of our clients. We do better when you do better.


For more information on Separate Accounts and other investment questions please email us at [email protected]