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The issues presented monthly in the Coastwise Dividend Newsletter can be nuanced and complex.  While the objective of the newsletter is to provide information you can apply immediately and profitably, it should be noted that everyone’s circumstances are different – and there is no practical way we can cover all the aspects of a given topic without causing your inbox to explode.  To learn more about some of the trading, hedging, income generation and other techniques discussed in the newsletter and applied daily here at Coastwise, please feel free to contact us directly for a one on one discussion.


Oh That Feeling: When Down is Up and Up is Down

The US Stock market has not experienced a full-fledged bear market (defined as a drop from peak to trough of 20%+) in nearly 10 years. It is not a matter of if, but when, such a drop will occur. That is not necessarily a bad thing – all asset prices move up and down in the near term, some wildly, some less so, but US stocks have consistently marched upward over long periods of time, albeit rarely in a smooth line. Even without a technical bear market in nearly a decade, there has been plenty of carnage in stocks at large (post-Brexit for example), and for specific securities and even entire industries (think of oil which collapsed from over $100 per barrel to around $26 between 2014 and 2016

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