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The issues presented monthly in the Coastwise Dividend Newsletter can be nuanced and complex.  While the objective of the newsletter is to provide information you can apply immediately and profitably, it should be noted that everyone’s circumstances are different – and there is no practical way we can cover all the aspects of a given topic without causing your inbox to explode.  To learn more about some of the trading, hedging, income generation and other techniques discussed in the newsletter and applied daily here at Coastwise, please feel free to contact us directly for a one on one discussion.


Fasten Your Seat Belt: Turbulence Ahead

Financial pundits have been warning of the next market crash (being defined as a broad market decline of 20%+) since… shortly after the last one nearly 10 years ago. Even as with a stopped watch, eventually those calls for doom will become a reality, and all those talking heads will say ‘I told you so’ even if they told you so at DOW 9,000 (which was up nearly 50% from the March 2009 low of around 6,400), told you again at DOW 12,000, 15,000, 20,000, 22,000… With the DOW recently hitting a high of around 27,000, a 20% decline would put it around 21,500, still materially higher than the point at which many forecasters said to bail out. As the great investor Peter Lynch stated, far more mon

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