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The issues presented monthly in the Coastwise Dividend Newsletter can be nuanced and complex.  While the objective of the newsletter is to provide information you can apply immediately and profitably, it should be noted that everyone’s circumstances are different – and there is no practical way we can cover all the aspects of a given topic without causing your inbox to explode.  To learn more about some of the trading, hedging, income generation and other techniques discussed in the newsletter and applied daily here at Coastwise, please feel free to contact us directly for a one on one discussion.


Spheres of Control

As a kid I came up with a concept called “Spheres of Control” which helped me accomplish goals as well as relieve stress along the way. Here’s how it works: take out a piece of paper and draw three concentric circles. In the smallest one write “Control”, the next one put “Influence” and the last one “Aware.” Draw an arrow starting in the middle circle pointing outwards. The goal is to have your circles be as large as possible and ever expanding outward (by definition there are things even outside your circle of awareness, most things in fact). The key in any given situation or endeavor is to understand clearly what sits inside your sphere of control and focus your energy primarily on tho

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