At Coastwise, we possess extensive and unique expertise with using sophisticated options trading techniques in conjunction with high quality, dividend paying stocks to achieve our clients' unique investment objectives. Options can be used for:

  • Generating income
  • Reducing portfolio volatility
  • Providing downside protection

While options can be used in aggressive ways (and for those who qualify, Coastwise can implement such a program), in general Coastwise uses options as an overlay on a portfolio of high quality stocks to make the portfolio more conservative. Options can also be used to mitigate broad market or concentrated position risk.

The use of options is an intricate, time consuming, yet potentially effective means to achieve various investing objective for our clients. Coastwise uses our expertise in options to mitigate concentrated position risk and also to protect against large market movements known as 'tail risk'. The use of options can provide flexible, precise downside protection in a manner that is far easier to understand than implemented by some hedge funds or other complex and costly vehicles. Examples of the customized options strategies employed at Coastwise include:

  • Covered Calls
  • Short Put Sales
  • Long Put Purchases
  • Tail Risk Mitigation
  • Concentrated Position Hedging

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