Coastwise Voted Best of La Jolla - Press Release

Coastwise Voted Best Financial Advisor

LA JOLLA, CA (October 13, 2009) Scott Kyle, Chief Investment Officer at Coastwise Capital Group, LLC was recently named 2009 Best Financial Advisor by La Jolla Light readers.

A boutique investment management firm headquartered in La Jolla, Coastwise uses advanced proprietary stock analysis, portfolio modeling, and hedging techniques to meet the needs of affluent individuals, families, and institutions worldwide.

"At Coastwise we are dedicated to providing quality, personalized service to our clients," says Scott Kyle. "Through the use of sophisticated, disciplined, value-based stock investing combined with effective options strategies, we create customized portfolios tailored to meet our clients' unique investment timelines and goals. We are proud to be recognized for standing apart from - and above - the rest."

Mr. Kyle started Coastwise after years of practice through a combination of Wall Street analyst, public market, private equity and hedge fund experience. Investing in public and private companies for over 20 years, Mr. Kyle has executed several billion dollars in securities trades/investments and has been using options strategies to hedge equity positions and generate income for over a decade. Mr. Kyle recently authored The Power Curve: Smart Investing Using Dividends, Options, and the Magic of Compounding, a book that reveals many of the important and effective techniques, tools, and strategies employed at Coastwise Capital Group.

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